Terms of Service

To all purchasers

We do offer a refund policy. Whether you change your mind or not the product you don't want. Just give me a call at 405-517-4050 or send me an email at btspartyhaven@yahoo.com I will be glad to work with you. We aim to please our customers. Take care and Thank you so very much.


I want to thank you but please make sure you pick the correct shipping box/envelope. I have several picking an envelope to ship products that do not fit in an envelope or pick a smaller box for a large item(s). I had one customer order 3 coffee mugs but picked a flat rate envelope to ship them in. In these cases I refund your money and delete the purchase. If before you purchase you will send me an email I will let you know the cost of shipping. I am sorry for that but I have no choice, I give you choices of the cost of shipping but please pick the correct shipping container for your purchase.

I try to do a great job and offer lower prices but I can't help the cost of shipping. I have no control over the shipping prices. Please make sure you are picking the right shipping container. There are times when some have over-paid for their order and I refund the difference.